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Bradford Computer Repairs Movie Rentals offers computer repairs and troubleshooting with prompt, personal service plus understandable and confidential advice on upgrades, purchasing, back-ups, software, e-mail and the internet for Mississauga, Bradford, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington or the GTA. We have the lowest prices!

Specializing in PC Desktop Computer Systems.


Our goal is to analyze, diagnose and repair our customers computer system in shop on the same day.

We can;

  • Optimize your pc to run its best
  • Provide a range of upgrade/repair solutions
  • Solve all of your computer problems
  • Analyze and diagnose hardware and software related problems.
  • Upgrade hardware from almost any configuration.
  • Design and custom build brand new systems.
  • Setup and install Internet using an Internet Service Provider of the customers choice.
  • Provide solutions for data back-up and recovery. 
  • Install most hardware products.
  • Install all Microsoft Operating Systems and Microsoft Applications.
  • Provide networking solutions for home and small businesses.
  • Data recovery
  • Data backup
  • Operating System/Software Installation
    We will reinstall OS or software providing that the customer has a legal copy of the CD.
  • Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista.
  • Internet & email setup and configuration
    Providing that the customer has all of the information from their ISP we will install and configure their dial-up or high-speed internet and email. Configuration will include restoring the old address book or emails if any were previously backed up and current email client supports their format.
  • High-speed internet & Router Installation/Configuration
    This service includes installation and configuration of High-speed internet (*Rogers or *Sympatico) with your browser, email client and router. -Customer must have setup the account with their ISP and received the modem before the visit of our technician. Router is not included in the price
  • Antivirus & Firewall Installation and Configuration
  • High-speed Internet & Router Installation/Configuration
  • www.videosilva.comNetwork
  • Drop Off Computer Repair/Upgrades
  • Repairing & Tuning up your PC for the best results and reliability
  • Wireless Network Setup
  • Virus & Trojan Removal With Best Tools Available
  • Data Transfer/Backup of all files to a safe and secure place
  • Installing and configuring soft wares and adding new hard wares
  • Reformatting your PC or Laptop, install and setup Operating systems such as Win 9X, Win Me, Win XP www.videosilva.comand Pro Edition SP2 and more
  • Finding and installing the most up to date Drivers for your PC devices
  • Hardware repair, upgrade, and installation.
  • Hard Disk
  • Video RAM and Video Card Functionality
  • Sound Card Functionality
  • Service Pack Level for the Operating System Installed
  • we can install anything as long as it is compatible
  • Laptop Software Repairs
  • Custom Built Computers
  • Great Rates

 $Price $20.00 for the first hour $10.00 each additional hour( Price is for service only)


We specialize in

  • VHS, Super VHS, VHS C, Beta, 8mm or MiniDV tape transfers to DVD
  • We can also Transfer DVD to VHS, Super VHS, VHS C, Beta, 8mm or MiniDV tape
  • Digital Picture Slide Shows
  • Computer Repairs
  • Overseas Video Conversions NTSC PAL etc.
  • We also offer Web Site Design
    Basic web site, web hosting, domain name $250.00

Phone or email us for a free quote.
43 Faris.ST.
Bradford, Ontario, Canada

Pick up Service is also available at an additional fee. assumes no liability for loss of data or programs on computers being serviced. Although care is taken to prevent data loss, it is the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure data has been backed up. Please ask about our data backup service.


       PC Repairs

  • Over 25 years of user friendly computer experience (Commodore Pet, Atari 400, Amiga 1000, PC)
  • Tired of getting viruses and computer shutting down or becoming very slow while on the internet?
  • We will install and configure antivirus and firewall to make your computer happier and more secure..

Computer drop off

Toronto PC Repairs