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Carnaval 2010
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Dancas Da Pascua 2010 from Toronto are now available.

We have 12 Dancas for Pascua 2010 Toronto.
A complete list of all the Dances that we have can be found here.

Danca Do Angrense Pascoa 2015
Danca Do Angrense
Toronto, Canada
Streaming Video
Bailinho Do Clube Dos Velhos  Pascoa 2015
Bailinho Do Clube Dos Velhos
Toronto, Canada
Streaming Video
Bailinho De Oakville  Pascoa 2015
Bailinho De Oakville
Toronto, Canada
Streaming Video
Danca De Mississauga Pascoa 2015
Danca De Mississaugas
Toronto, Canada
Streaming Video

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 A special thank you to everyone that helped in providing the FIRST live video stream of the Dances Do Carnaval on the internet from North America for Carnaval 2008 Toronto, Canada.

Decio Toste (
O Bailinho Mar Azul, Adalberto Garcia
(Mar Azul Sports Bar),
Luis Garcia,
Paul Garcia
Joe Garcia
Carlos Caetano

Did you know ?

1. Was one of the FIRST websites to provide streaming video on the W.W.W. and the FIRST to provide any Portuguese content on the internet.

Streaming video become popular more then a decade after us.

2. Was the FIRST web site to provide videos of Dances do Carnaval / Pascua on the internet.

3. Was the FIRST web site to provide videos of Bullfights (Marradas e Maradas ) on the internet.

4. Was the FIRST web site in North America to provide a " LIVE" VIDEO FEED of Dances do Carnaval / Pascua on the Internet.

Did you know in 2005
California toppled the 30 dança mark. That year 34 danças took to the stage in California alone. Combine this with 14 danças from the east coast and the U.S. falls just one shy of Terceira's output this year of 49. As usual, these 34 vignettes were either part of a group where they performed before carnaval or were individual danças performing only during the weekend. Toronto and area had 9 dances for Carnaval 2005
O Velho Carnaval

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