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I was on born Feb./10/1968 in Cinque Riberas, Terceria, Acores Portugal. . My parent's and I immigrated to Toronto, Ontario, Canada when I was 4 years old and we have been here ever since. My father is from S.Mateus and my mother is from Santa Barbara they married in 1966 and moved to Cinque Riberas . My wife and her family are from Biscoitos .I have two children a 30 year old daughter and a 29 year old son who were both born in Toronto . Chat with me on Facebook My username is " videosilva ".




History of VideoSilva.com

VideoSilva.com is the offspring of Video Silva Movie Rentals. Located in Bradford, Ontario, Canada, Providing all types of videography services, computer repairs, video tape transfers, wedding and corporate video services and a general information provider for the Portuguese Community in the G.T.A.

We currently produce 2 YouTube shows.Rescaldos Da Comunidade Portuguesa (R.C.P. ) and Vida Louca side by side.

History of Video Silva Movie Rentals

The owner of Video Silva is Paul.P.Silva from S.Mateus,Terceira,Acores . His wife Maria Eulalia Vieira Silva is from Santa Barbara , Terceira , Acores . Maria gave birth to her first of two sons on Feb./10/68 Paul.H.Silva ( jr. ) . On Sept/25/81 in Toronto her second son was born Steven.Veira.Silva .

Mr. Silva was destined to become a businessman from the time when he had his carpet cleaning company . He would do small jobs on the weekends with the help of his older son Paul . He managed to do the carpet cleaning while being employed as by a maintenance company in the Mississauga Square one area .

In 1983 Mr. Silva found an interest in the video industry. After having bought a vcr and becoming frustrated with the limited number of video stores in Toronto,  he decided to open his own store (bringing the number of video stores in Toronto at the time to about 5) . Video Silva was open for business in the fall of 1983 .

With a large number of Portuguese clientele within the first few months the demand for Portuguese content was overwhelming . The only problem was that the video industry was so new , that there was no Portuguese content to be found.

In time video tapes of bullfights and dances from carnival and pascua where being offered to the store by customers . With the sudden content of Portuguese video of any kind people from all over the city where now coming to Video Silva . The demand for bullfights & dancas carnaval, pascua from Terceira became so great that Mr. Silva and his son Paul would go to Terceira to record various videos to bring back to Toronto .

With the store at 1619 Dupont.St. being only a few hundred square feet  it was decided to buy a building at 1611 Dupont.St. This store was roughly double the size ( aprox.600 square feet ) . Within a year this store too became to small . Renovations where done on the main floor of the building and another few hundred square feet was added . In about a year's time the same problem was encountered , too many movies and not enough floor space for the customers .

In 1987 Mr. Silva took on a huge project , while doing most of the renovations himself the previous times it was decided that labourer's would have to be brought in this time since this was such a big project . The main floor was doubled to just over 2200 square ft . The second floor ( residence ) had a few hundred square feet added to it , and the basement was now the same length as the main floor . Having 2200 square feet of unused space in the basement. Mr. Silva decided this would be a recreational room for friends and family . He went on to do the rest of the  renovations on his own by adding a bar, a 5/10 slate pool table and other amusement devices .




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Video Silva Movie Rentals
The end of an Era!


Friday, May 28, 2008

It is roughly 3 AM and I cant sleep.

It is with great regret that I inform you that after 25 Years Video Silva Movie Rentals will be closing its doors for the last time on Monday May 31st. I first heard that Video Silva would be closing for good a few months ago, when I heard the news it felt like a piece of me had died.

I want to stop any rumours before they begin; yes, it is true once June 01, 2008 arrives Video Silva Movie Rentals will have dissolved. I want to make it clear that the closing of the store had NOTHING to do with either of the two sons, if any thing they would have done whatever necessary right till the end. Unfortunately, the decision to close the store was not discussed with neither Steve nor Paul.

A few people had the power to make the decision to close Video Silva Movie Rentals, I am sure in time they will see the error of their ways. Unfortunately, by then it will be TOO LATE! There were various reasons for closing Video Silva but I will not get into all the details here. One of the main problems was due to a lack of communication. The other BIG problem came down to family, greed, and jealousy. Jealousy destroys family, friends, and businesses.

Some of you may know me personally and others may not, www.videosilva.com was the offspring of Video Silva Movie Rentals. At first www.videosilva.com was directly connected to Video Silva Movie Rentals. If you have been, reading my posts (Site Updates) or visiting my web site you would have seen this now famous message

"www.videosilva.com" at this point in time is NO longer affiliated with Video Silva Movie Rentals. If you have questions regarding Video Silva Move Rentals e-mail Steve.

www.videosilva.com and Video Silva Movie Rentals each went their own separate way quite a few years ago and have not had any connections since. The ONLY similarity between Video Silva Movie Rentals and www.videosilva.com was in the videosilva name.

It is now almost 4 AM. As I write this I think back and my eyes swell up with tears . Only three days left.

I hope that www.videosilva.com can continue were Video Silva Movie Rentals left off. I renewed my domain name www.videosilva.com and hosting just a few days ago. If it were not, for the closure of the store, I would have not paid to renewed hosting or renewed our domain name. I have mentioned on several occasions that it is very expensive and time consuming to keep a site of this size and nature operational.