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Specializing in PC Desktop Computer Systems
Our goal is to analyze, diagnose and repair our customers computer system in shop on the same day.

Over 25 years of computer experience
Tired of getting viruses,computer shutting down or becoming very slow while on the internet ?


DVD's For Sale
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Video Services

Video to DVD transfer
If you simply want your video to be transferred from tape onto DVD, our transferring services here at www.videosilva.comwill help you tackle this time consuming task for you.

Bradford based studio provides modern wedding videography services. Also offering corporate video production in South Simcoe.

Latest Projects

VidaLouca Episode 80 3/3
6 Ganadeiros 6 Toiros
R.C.P. Episode 80 2/3
Fight for Transplant Leslie Martins
VidaLouca Episode 80 3 3 6 Ganadeiros 6 Toiros                         Note de Fado dia 24 de Fevereiro 2018                      Ensaio Do Bailhino De Mississauga Carnaval 2018


Pascoa 2018 Toronto Canada

I will be taking final orders for Pascoa 2018 DVDs on Friday April 06th 2018. Please have your orders updated as I will not be making any further DVDs. All per-ordered DVDs will be available on Saturday April 07th 2018. Either I or Leslie Martins will deliver the DVDs. Pick up locations 1. Caloura (yet to be confirmed) 2. Mississauga Club (yet to be confirmed) 3. Hamilton (Highly probable) Receberei os pedidos finais para os DVDs Pascoa 2018 na sexta-feira, 6 de abril de 2018. Por favor, tenha seus pedidos atualizados, pois não farei mais nenhum DVD.Todos os DVDs encomendados estarão disponíveis no sábado, 07 de abril de 2018. Eu ou Leslie Martins vamos entregar os DVDs.